That’s a wrap!


Jade has now finished her first musical.  Last weekend they had a 3-show run and the music director has already approached me about whether Jade will be joining him for her elementary school play in the spring.  More to come on that when we get the details.  But be assured that she’ll be first in line to get back on that stage.

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We’re Off To See the Wizard!

My sweet little girl has been chosen to be in our local high school’s production of “The Wizard of Oz”!  A prouder mother there has not been.  Was Halloween a manifestation of things to come?


This is the first time in the 7 years that I’ve lived in this town that the high school has included young kids in a production.

Last week we got a flier home from school “calling 15-20 elementary school-aged kids K-5”.  As soon as I asked her if she wanted to audition she shrieked “yeeesss!”  Did she know what an audition was?  No, but come on, its the Wizard of Oz.  Not to mention she wants to do everything that could possibly be available to her (Pleeeease mom can I do soccer?…Mom I want to do piano SOOO bad!…I think skiing sounds fun).

I explained to her that she’d have to prepare a song to sing and without hesitation she said “I want to sing Do Re Mi”.  So we got grandpa on the phone and asked him what the chances were of him providing us with some piano accompaniment (my daughter comes by her talents honestly).  The chances were good, because just a couple hours later I got an email with not one but TWO different speeds of our song 🙂

She spent the next couple days practicing and practicing, but when I asked her to practice in front of dad she sheepishly declined.  And same with Grandma.  It looked like she was chickening out, but I asked her to keep practicing anyway just in case she changed her mind.

Audition day came, and she was still hesitant.  It wasn’t until 5:30pm (before the 6:30 audition time) that she decided she wanted to do it.  So we showed up and I was surprised at the number of kids that were willing to sing a solo in front of people!  Most of them were older than her, but I thought most of these kids must have been forced to come by their moms.

That wasn’t the case.  Most of the parents weren’t even aware that their children needed to come with a song prepared.  I wonder how many of the kids even knew they’d be asked to sing.  But regardless, my daughter is only 6 and she was going up against close to 50 kids up to age 11.

While the kids were on stage learning their audition dance number, the parents were filling out “bios” about our kids.  I debated whether to include my own and my parents’ credentials in HER “experience” because I thought maybe it would tip the scales in her favor.


We all spent most of the time out in the lobby watching the kids practice “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” over and over (and over) and waiting to be called into the auditorium.  When it was our…hmm…her turn, we entered the auditorium doors and as I walked briskly to the front my daughter tripped and fell in the aisle.  I don’t think I realized what a stage mother I am until this point, when I worried more that this would hurt “our” chances than hurt her ankle or something (she was fine by the way).

We got to the front of the auditorium and the 2 directors (one male and one female) and 1 student director motioned for her to take the stage.  She hesitated, and the male director told her she could stand on the steps instead if she’d like.

As soon as I turned on her music, any sign of nerves disappeared and she shone like a bright little 6-year-old star!  I was so proud.  And I was even more proud (almost to the point of tears) when Mr. director said at the end of her song “You have absolutely nothing to be nervous about, you have a BEAUTIFUL voice.”

When I didn’t hear anything 24 hours later, I assumed that they had made their decision and it didn’t include my daughter.  But last night, while I was awake taking care of my suddenly sick with the flu daughter and 1 year old teething infant, I checked my email.

“Welcome to Oz!” the subject said.  “We would like to extend an invitation to your daughter to join us as a Munchkin in this performance.”

I just cannot wait to sit in that audience and snap pictures of my little munchkin.  And the best part is, they didn’t even need to know about my parents’ Broadway career 🙂

She’s in the pink cardigan.