Me. For Now.

I’ve kept a journal since elementary school.  Like an actual journal, with paper, a writing utensil, and preferably some sort of lock.  I had no idea why I was writing and always dreaded a day when someone might read it.  For many years, I wrote to impress people just in case, even using swear words that I didn’t use in real life because I thought if someone read it later they would think I was pretty cool.  I’ve never really had any idea what kind of music I like because I would just like what everyone else liked.  Maybe I still don’t know.  I’m going to try to be pretty honest here.  Green hat thinking if you will.  No judgment.  The truth is I don’t really know who I am or what defines me.  Lets see if I can finally figure it out.

But for now, let’s make a list of things that make me happy.  I may change the list periodically or add to it.  I’m pretty indecisive.  I do know that much about me…

My family…all of them (That one won’t change)



Reading young adult fiction

Uninterrupted sleep

Making video/picture montages set to music


Almost melted snow

Completely melted snow


The fall and everything that goes with it


People agreeing with me

The beginning of kids nap time

The beginning of kids bedtime

A clean house

A full pantry

Correct grammar

Making Lists

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