A Place to Go

One day in the midst of a meltdown it was suggested to me that maybe I need a “sanity blog” where I can record all of the feelings that I’m having daily as a result of the myriad of things my life is made up of at the moment.  I thought this meant adding one more thing to the already long list of responsibilities I feel obligated to perform.  But then a song popped into my head unexpectedly.  And here it is.

I need a place where I can go

Where I can whisper what I know

Where I can whisper who I like

And where I go to see them

I need a place where I can hide

Where no one sees my life inside

Where I can make my plans, and write them down

So I can read them

A place where I can bid my heart be still

And it will mind me

A place where I can go when I am lost

And there I’ll find me

I need a place to spend the day

Where no one says to go or stay

Where I can take my pen and draw

The girl I mean to be

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