In case you’re wondering where I’ve been

I mean I guess there isn’t really one great answer to this question.  Depending on the day/week/month it could be something like…

…I’m over it.  I thought I liked writing — I thought I was pretty good at writing — but it turns out I’m just not.

…My kids are at that age where they will just not leave me alone!

…I haven’t had something spark any sort of inspiration in me for months.  I feel sort of comatose.

…Oh yeah!  I have a blog.  What’s my password again?

But I can say at least for the last month I have been here.  


And I have been looooving it.  Please join me if you’d like 😉  I’ll be back here eventually.

My growing playlist


3 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering where I’ve been

  1. Can you explain what smule is and how it works? Do you try out? Do you know the people you sing with? How do you know all the songs? I’ve watched several but had never heard of that site before.

    • So essentially Smule is like a karaoke app meets social media site 😉 You choose a song and the words appear on the screen for you to sing along to. You can choose to sing alone or to start/join a duet, but if getting people to hear your songs is what you’re after then it’s best to sing WITH people. I only know people I sing with if we intentionally found each other (my mom and sister have joined) but everyone else are just people I’ve “met” through singing with them. The app is free but if you sign up for a VIP membership you can pay annually or weekly or whatever. The benefits to that are bigger song selection and you can start your own duets instead of just joining other people’s. It’s really fun! You should definitely try it 😊

  2. I’m amazed at what technology allows you to do these days. I know you’re having a lot of fun with it. Grandma

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