You may be a control freak if…

…You possess/relate to at least 6 of the following qualities or statements (or 4, or 8, as long as its an even number):

-You haven’t put much thought into potty training your three year old(s), not because he’s not ready, but because changing a diaper is so much more efficient than scrubbing the carpet or changing the sheets.

-You’re ready to pull your child out of public school because “she” (YOU) didn’t win the box tops competition that she (…you…) spent the last year immaculately cutting box tops for.

-You regularly offer to let people take over for things, but when they volunteer you don’t sleep for days at the thought of it not being in your hands.  I mean, you didn’t really think anyone would step up!

-Your fitness instructor watches YOU for cues in her own class.

-It’s more important to have the dishwasher loaded correctly (cups/bowls on top, plates on bottom, large plates towards the back, silverware with the handle pointing down) than to leave them where someone else put them and just start the dishwasher.

-Printed throw pillows go BEHIND the solid pillows, as to keep the “solid.print.solid” pattern going on the solid brown leather couch.

-You believe very strongly that you could fix the marital problems of any one of your friends or family members if they would just let you have a talk with their spouse.

-Your parents have been telling you that you should be a lawyer since you could walk because of your stellar “negotiating” skills.

-You volunteer to pay for things (trips, dinner, movies, classes, etc.) for people who make more money than you do if they show even the slightest hesitation towards saying yes.

-Your “to do” lists include more things that are done than things that aren’t so that you can cross them off.

-There is an uneasiness that hovers in the air if you don’t have the final word of a disagreement.

-You prefer the BEST, you’d embrace the WORST, just as long as you’re not somewhere in the middle.

-You can’t relax at night if there are dishes in the sink.

-Papers on the kitchen counter are acceptable, as long as they are stacked and in no more than 2 piles (one keep pile and one garbage pile) and are perpendicular to the edge of the counter.  Who am I kidding, just one pile is acceptable because you won’t leave the room until the garbage pile is in the garbage.

-The thought that this list is not as comprehensive as you’d like it to be is making you go cross-eyed.

-You have an average of 12 revisions for each blog post, most of which consist of only a new title.

One thought on “You may be a control freak if…

  1. I scored nine, so does that mean I’m not a control freak? Too funny! You just gave me an idea for a blog of my own. “Fifty Reasons To Go Insane…” Wait a sec, I think I can probably improve on that title.

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