I suppose an Encore was inevitable

I put a lot of thought into the decision I made when I wrote this post and decided not to hold on to a dream that only had the potential for disappointment.  But I guess some things are just in the stars; you can’t change your fate.  Or maybe its just in my genes.  You can’t change genetics either.

In the two months since proclaiming to no longer be a dancer, I have received more requests to use my dancing skills than I have in the last year while being proactive about teaching.  It’s as if the Universe is begging me to reconsider.

When I think about all of my most life-changing and memorable experiences—with the exception of my husband and children—they all involve dance.  And it’s not even entirely true that my family isn’t included because Aaron proposed to me on the stage that I did all of my college performing on (I’ll save that story for another time), and Jade is in love with ballet, gymnastics, and now musical theater.

I can’t escape my destiny: almost all of the traveling I’ve done, many of my most challenging times, the reason that I’m as healthy as I am despite my MS diagnosis, and the reason I spent 5 years at the school that I did and, ultimately, met Aaron all revolve around dance.  My best friends are dancers.

I have the World’s best friends.


I know the reason we are so close is because of our shared passion for dance.  It has created a bond that is so strong that most people couldn’t possibly relate.  A bond so strong that for the rest of my life it will be difficult for me to make new friends because I will always compare them to these friends (Thanks for that, girls :P).

12 years of pictures.  How can I possibly choose which ones to share?

There are all the times we toured together…






All the times we laughed together…


Tour Pics 041




And cried together…



Tour Pics 069

And DANCED together…










You get the picture.  That’s a lot of memories.

I’m sorry to be so fickle, but I need to retract, or at least amend, a statement that I made before.

I do not need a new me.  I love the Me that has been shaped since I met all these amazing people whom I love so much!  We will always be friends.  And even if I’m not dancing right now, or teaching, I am a dancer.  I will always be a dancer.  And I look forward to the day in Heaven when we all (you know who you are) reunite for a big encore performance!  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  12:30 sharp.

Tour Pics 056


6 thoughts on “I suppose an Encore was inevitable

  1. I love this, Whitney! Even though I only dance now when I choreograph local plays (which barely counts), or teach my little girl, I still have recurring dreams about CDT. Some of them are nightmares (I can’t find my costume, I’m late, or I don’t know the dance), but most of them are happy. Waking up is always a little bittersweet. I love my life right now, but I miss dancing with everyone. I will definitely be there for those dance classes in Heaven!

  2. You will ALWAYS be a dancer! As long as I have known you (and that’s a really long time since I’m your mom 🙂 I can only remember 2 years when you weren’t completely consumed by it! And those were the years where you were still learning to walk. And even then!… Well, I can’t even IMAGINE you not dancing, in some way, shape or form. You just wouldn’t be you!

  3. This post brought back so many happy memories for me! I know the bond we share as dancers is deep and I’m a happier person having formed those friendships, especially with you Whitney (my list can go on for a while and I will echo you, Whit, by saying, you know who you are)! I’m so glad we got to travel, laugh, dance, cry, and do Beach Ball many, many times together! Xoxo

  4. YAY! I came home from a fitness group weigh in and being in my “dance clothes” which anyone else would call work out clothes. I started dancing in the kitchen and then had an urge to watch some old CDT videos. Then I thought, NO, its too hard, it will make me sad. I got online to find your blog post to remind myself exactly why it would be too sad. Then I saw this post. I love this post. I’m still not going to get the videos out because I don’t have time though.

    Oh and like Holly, I also have nightmares about CDT. Usually involving Being told I have to perform TONIGHT and me trying to explain to everyone that I don’t know the choreography and my body can’t do what it used to. Usually involving Sister Bone getting irritated with me and me waking up in a panic either right before going onstage or right after. Sometimes my costumes won’t fit either. No need to analyze, Its pretty clear where these fears come from 😉

  5. Yes, you will always be a dancer, you always will be, and a beautiful one at that. What
    even better is that you will ALWAYS have all those wonderful friends. That’s worth a million!

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