Emotionally flat-lined

Remember this from only yesterday?

“If when I go to the doctor tomorrow he can give me some direction on how to get my energy back, THEN I can be a good mother.  THEN I can be nice to my husband.  THEN I’ll be able to do DO IT ALL and not have to wait til my kids are grown.”

Well I think I may have gotten my answer.  And this may be one of the only instances where saying “if only” is acceptable.  The results of a hair analysis test showed that I have off-the-charts-high levels of Calcium, Magnesium, and Copper living in my tissues.  Not my cells, where perhaps they could be useful.  But just floating around causing problems.  The ratio of these substances is such that its causing me extreme copper toxicity, lowered cell permeability, decreased adrenal effect, Estrogen dominance, poor digestion, protein catabolism, and a number of other bothersome conditions.

In other words, I’m super tired and cranky and no amount of healthy food, rest, or exercise is going to fix it.

What WILL fix it, he says, is for starters to get on a copper detoxification program.  Until I rid my body of all the toxins, there’s nothing I can take IN to my body that will change the way I feel physically.  My body isn’t absorbing anything that I’m ingesting; its pretty much just passing through.

I told the doc, “So I’ve heard a lot that I just need to choose to be happy no matter what, and I’m not looking for excuses, but at this point can we assume that this isn’t something that I just decide to do?”  He answered, “You’re wondering if you can feel validated in feeling that its difficult for you to decide to be happy?  Yes, you can.  Its not all in your head.  You physiologically do not process things the same way as a healthy person.  You have emotionally ‘flat-lined’.  It’s not an excuse, its a reason.  But we CAN cure this.  You will feel better one day.”

{sigh} This is good news.  Because it means I’m not crazy, and that I won’t feel crazy forever.  I think I’ve got a long road but hopefully one that’s paved, with very few hills and valleys, and maybe with some rest stops along the way.

To be continued…

One thought on “Emotionally flat-lined

  1. Wow. I can’t wait to sit down and talk to you face to face. What doc would ever tell someone that they have emotionally “flat-lined?” I’m concerned!

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