Reaching My Potential: A Ritalin Story

Let me tell you about my Ritalin experience.

I tried it.  I loved it.

For two days.

First I need to explain my reason for taking it.  I have Multiple Sclerosis, and the most common symptoms of MS are fatigue and depression {It is important to note that I’d say these are also common side effects of having two 2 year olds and an infant}.  My doc recommended that I get on something to combat at least the fatigue, but what he recommended would cost me $600/mo.  So he said “well no big deal, methylphenidate does the same thing”.  I filled the prescription and found out it was just a generic form of Ritalin.  “Well ok, I guess I’ll try it”.

I would imagine that my experience was similar to that of a blind person seeing for the first time.  Within minutes of popping this pill I looked at my kids and thought “where did you perfect children come from and how long have you been here??”  I spent 2 days in a state of bliss, making plans and being patient.  Remember the movie Limitless?  I was reaching my full potential.  I could only imagine that this is exactly the way I was made to be.  Everyone should be lucky enough to live with this love of life!

And then I woke up.  Or lost my sight again I guess.  I had high expectations that this was the magical cure for my lost life.  And now I guess I’m back to square one.  But the point is that I had a glimpse of who I want to be and who I think I SHOULD be, and it was pretty great.  I know I can get that person back.  How?  Well today my brilliant idea is to learn this song.  I’m gonna do it!  It will work, and when it does I will not only share how I’m feeling but I’ll share the song too.

5 thoughts on “Reaching My Potential: A Ritalin Story

  1. I think this is a great idea, Whit. Writing things down definitely helps me feel better. Love you.

  2. I love Methyphenidate for a different reason. It turned my son from a barely-a-C-student to a straight A student. People sure like to talk bad about that stuff, but it worked miracles for our family. So it quit working for you? Are you going to keep taking it?

  3. Whitney i love your new private place even more than I love that song. And we will do it sometime! You can teach it to me. Probably in the same span of days when I teach you how to make California Rolls. Yes, I learned how to make them today and they were just as good as I’ve had at any Sushi restaurant and so much better than the ones I buy at Forest Hills Foods. SO much better! So do we have a date? And again, love your new blog. And I think you’re writing is pretty darn amazing.

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